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Bringing the wiring cabinet to you

Process automation engineers surely yearn for a universal IO channel that can be configured (and calibrated) remotely to perform any function (input or output, voltage or current) for any signal type (analogue or digital) with no need for a technician to visit the wiring cabinet. 

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Navigating the next frontier of Wi-Fi 7 performance: rigorous RF, signalling, and throughput testing

In wireless communications, the advancement of Wi-Fi 7 opens a new era of ultra-fast networks and reliable connectivity. Like other technological revolutions, they usually come with growing pains. The importance of comprehensive radio frequency (RF), signalling, and throughput testing cannot be overstated.

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Outdated battery measurement solutions can impact e-mobility vehicle performance

To fully maximise the potential of low-power e-mobility vehicles, it is crucial to understand these vehicles' battery performance and characteristics. Specifically, you need to understand the battery charge discharge characteristics, battery performance due to various load conditions and electronics used in the system, and, more importantly, aging battery performance.

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Top five installation and testing tools for engineers in 2023

With the solar power sector expected to see a sharp rise throughout 2023, installation and testing engineers will need access to the best tools if they are to work at optimum efficiency and safety, says Fluke.

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Prevent distribution system failure and breakdown with thermal imaging

When electrical connections and components break down unexpectedly, the result may be unplanned downtime, costly repairs, and production loss. There’s also an increased risk of fire due to electrical short circuits or cable burning.  

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