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Here are the top five installation and testing tools engineers will need in 2023

With the solar power sector expected to see a sharp rise throughout 2023, installation and testing engineers will need access to the best tools if they are to work at optimum efficiency and safety, says Fluke.

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Maximising the traction in wheel turns

One way to enhance racing performance is to maximise the traction when a car turns, while ensuring stability is not lost on the straights of the track. Applying positive or negative camber to a wheel means that the tyre will be at an angle, even as the vehicle is going straight.

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Fluke ii910 helps solve radio communication turbulence at Rotterdam The Hague Airport

The Fluke ii910 has helped to identify the root cause of communication interference between the air traffic control and pilots at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

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The ‘system’ works: Safe & secure electrical connections

There are manufacturers of crimp compression terminals from all over the world. Each will manufacture their lugs to different dimensions, using a variety of material standards.

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A spotlight on the GAMBICA Test and Measurement Sector

GAMBICA is the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK. As a trade association, we have formed a community of members and stakeholders who share knowledge and best practice, shape opinion, and enhance the profile of our sector in many different forums.

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