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New HMI panel display is protected to IP67 and offers maximum flexibility

KEB Automation has launched a new range of HMI panel displays. The C6 X1 HMI panel can be flexibly attached anywhere on a machine with various mounting options. This eliminates the need for mounting in a control cabinet, allowing users to freely position the HMI near the machine. The IP67-protected HMI is available in four different sizes.

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Spelsberg strengthens its Midlands presence with seasoned Account Manager, Andrew Wilson

Spelsberg, a leading producer and supplier of electrical installation and enclosure technology, has welcomed Andrew Wilson as its Area Sales Manager for the Midlands. With coverage spanning from Swansea to Stoke-on-Trent, Lincoln, Peterborough, and beyond, Wilson brings more than three decades of enclosure experience to fortify Spelsberg's presence in the region.

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New overmoulding for 709- and 719-series snap-in connectors

binder is offering its 709- and 719-series products with a new overmoulding for the straight versions. The connectors featuring snap-in locking are characterised by high retention forces – measured against their size – but can still be quickly mated and unmated. These properties are beneficial in metrology and medical-device-technology applications, for example, which are subject to enhanced functional safety requirements.

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EMIS MF410 two-stage EMI filters for low-impedance loads applications

Offering high attenuation for both line-to-ground and line-to-line emissions, the MF410 series of single-phase two-stage EMI Filters from EMIS provide superior performance when used in applications with low impedance loads creating pulsed, continuous or intermittent interference noise, and where high levels of mains-borne interference may be present.

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Bulgin introduces expanded beam fibre-optic connector technology

Bulgin has recently launched a patented new expanded beam fibre-optic connector and cable management system.

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