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Making environmental monitoring easy for data centre IT admins

The server room or data centre is often where control panels are housed, and is the heart of a company. After all, this is where the entire IT infrastructure and the company network are managed. In the event of a failure or malfunction, in the worst-case scenario, the entire operation is paralysed. Such failures can be prevented with holistic monitoring.

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Enclosure requirements for indoor use with OEM specifications

OEM designers need industrial enclosure manufacturers to be flexible to their requirements. Typically, footprints are fixed, meaning that industrial housings have to accommodate pre-determined component layouts, as well as accommodating fast, simple installation. 

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Italian OEM handle and lock collaboration bears fruit

A long-term enclosures collaboration between EMKA and Italian control cabinet manufacturer MPGAMMA has borne fruit in the shape of a newly-designed handle with changeable lock inserts.

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The great outdoors: Installing a control cabinet outside

To determine whether your technical installation will be installed in an indoor or outdoor setting, you should gather the necessary information in advance. Completely different factors play a role in an outdoor set-up than in an indoor one. 

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EMKA compression latches aid wind power from Nordex

Onshore wind turbine specialist The Nordex Group’s decision to source its locking hardware from EMKA has resulted in the design of a unique compression latch, to secure vital access points where it must withstand forces of up to 331N. These locks are fitted to special floor plates which are required to prevent serious accidents.

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