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Air movement in food processing

With growing pressures to address environmental issues, new packaging techniques and heightened competition, there is added pressure on operations teams to implement the most efficient and cost effective method of manufacturing at every stage in the production line.

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Understanding the Peltier effect

The Peltier effect, or Thermoelectric effect, is the name given to the occurrence of heat when an electric current passes across a junction between two conductors.

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Sound within fan systems

In the world of HVAC the efficiency of industrial fan systems is often compromised by an ineffectively designed air movement system and poor efficiency.

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Are you actually ready for the summer?

Everyone prepared for the summer? Holiday – booked; sun cream/travel insurance – bought; travel sickness pills for the kids – (oops) on the shopping list; fire alarm working – check; enclosure thermal survey – ...what?

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Free for all

Brendan Leonard, managing director at STULZ UK, explains the benefits of free cooling and how it can proactively create efficiency and have a positive impact upon data centre optimisation.

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