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Specific cooling requirements in corrosive atmospheres!

Finding the right cooling solution in high corrosive atmospheres isn't easy! That is unless you use Cosmotec for your cooling solution.

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Dynamic duo for frost protection in hazardous areas

Air as a medium can be deleterious to electrical and electronic appliances. Absorption and release of water in the air within control cabinets creates the potential for the formation of condensate which, in turn, can cause corrosion on sensitive components and can freeze when the thermometer goes below zero. Thermal management specialist STEGO can offer the right answer for hazardous environments.

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Hazardex 2020 Conference & Exhibition

The Hazardex 2020 Conference & Exhibition, co-located with PPTex, will take place on February 26 and 27 at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate, north-eastern England, moving back from Runcorn to the elegant North Yorkshire spa town – its original home.

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Plug & play industrial Ethernet connectivity for Oil and Gas

The recent Santa Barbara, CA oil spill is yet another example of the need to monitor and control pipelines to prevent breaches that could endanger life and property for hundreds of miles overland and along coastlines.

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Reliability & Innovation - crucial in High Pressure Pump Design

The use of high pressure pumps, up to 1,000 bar, is seen in a variety of industries. In cases where production losses during unplanned downtime can be astronomical, reliability is crucial. OE manufacturer innovation is therefore essential in order to reduce costs associated with maintenance and operation.

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