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Control panels for major pharma building management system

When AstraZeneca (AZ) commissioned Honeywell to deliver a building management system (BMS) as part of the design and build of a new manufacturing line for cancer drugs, Honeywell in turn commissioned Bensons Control Panels to carry out the design and build of the control panels required to enable the operation of the BMS system.

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Power considerations for wireless installations

While wireless remote monitoring technology provides a convenient and cost-effective method for plant and asset managers to monitor and manage important system data across their sites, particularly over large areas, what are the key power supply considerations for wireless systems, and how do operators select the right system for the job?

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Ethernet switches explained

Murrelektronik talks us through the benefits and advantages of Ethernet switches.

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Better late than never??

For a panel builder or system integrator, can a client ever be justified in changing a project spec towards the end of a panel build? While the “customer is King”, how do panel designers/builders handle such requests, and can they mitigate such demands in a diplomatic, fair way?

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You have our full support

Effective support arm systems offer a range of technical benefits that contribute to enhanced workspace efficiency. In this article, Tempa Pano delves into how support arm systems can optimise productivity and ergonomics in diverse work environments, including electrical control panel applications.

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