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Ensuring fire safety and installation flexibility for electrical connections

In the event of a fire, it’s essential for alarms, lighting, and fire-fighting systems to continue operating long enough to allow evacuation, as well as support the fire brigade in their work.

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Top three safety hazards to avoid for PV solar installations

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing markets in the world – in the UK, solar commissioning and installations have doubled within the last year and are expected to double again by 2030. To keep technicians safe, there are three main electrical hazards to avoid when installing and maintaining PV solar installations.

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Move over, SCADA

Traditionally, PC-based SCADA systems were the only tool in the instrumentation and control engineer’s toolbox for plant process visualisation and control applications. This led to many facilities implementing SCADA systems simply because there were no available alternatives. 

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Enclosure cooling in hazardous locations

Combustible vapours, liquids, gases, or flammable dusts are often present in industrial applications. While safe in small amounts, these materials become a hazard when they exist in abundance, wreaking havoc, causing damage to equipment and property, harming employees, and hurting profits.

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IO-Link: Not just a sensor/actuator interface

IO-Link is a standardised IO technology for transmitting point-to-point data to different fieldbus systems or PLCs. It readily lets you control and operate devices, communicate diagnostic data and present parameter settings to and from field devices, including safety interlocks, using vendor agnostic communication standards.

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