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The role of data centre monitoring in raising environmental awareness and practices

Advanced monitoring technologies help when it comes to energy efficiency, security enhancement, and environmental impact reduction, making data centres catalysts for positive change.

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Top trends impacting the industrial workforce

As industrial technology trends change and adapt in the wake of digital transformation,  I wanted to look at what’s changing for the most important asset in an industrial setting, the human workforce. It’s easy to separate human workers from technology, but this is counter intuitive. 

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The crucial role of I/O communication

GDevCON, a high-level technical event for LabVIEW architects, is not your typical conference. Held over two days in the iconic Glasgow Science Centre, it offers a unique space for collaboration and idea-sharing, free from corporate oversight or control, and addresses the need and challenges faced by LabVIEW users. 

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Faster access to device data

Eplan eStock – the cloud-based device management system on the Eplan Platform –gives companies access to centralised device management in the Eplan Cloud, simplifying collaboration and reducing coordination times and media discontinuities.

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Achieving end-to-end network security

Alan Bollard of Westermo explains how utilising a ‘defence in depth’ approach can improve the security of critical data communication networks.

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