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Collaboration is the key to industrial innovation

There isn’t a single stakeholder across the industrial spectrum that isn’t affected by digital transformation to some degree, and more often than not, system integrators (SIs) are the trusted guides that turn end-user ambition into reality.

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Optimised electrical planning creates the perfect climate

Heat management is a major challenge for electrical designers, especially in complex control cabinet designs with closely packed modules and cables.

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The benefits of subscribing to WSCAD electrical design software

WSCAD offers its UK customers a cost-effective subscription model for access to scalable, multi-discipline planning software for electrical engineering projects.

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How manufacturers can navigate the looming labour crisis

To recruit and retain vital talent, manufacturers must adapt or risk becoming obsolete. Just as other industries have embraced new ways of working, so must manufacturing. 

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Keeping cabinet engineering quick and consistent

The control cabinet is the heart of every electrical system. Precise and efficient cabinet design forms the basis of successful engineering, right up until the finished cabinet is commissioned.

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