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The crucial role of I/O communication

GDevCON, a high-level technical event for LabVIEW architects, is not your typical conference. Held over two days in the iconic Glasgow Science Centre, it offers a unique space for collaboration and idea-sharing, free from corporate oversight or control, and addresses the need and challenges faced by LabVIEW users. 

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New STMicroelectronics wireless microcontrollers ready for incoming cyber-protection regulations

STMicroelectronics has revealed the next generation of its short-range wireless microcontrollers, for smart industrial, medical, and consumer devices, and shared some case studies across several sectors.

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Embrace the automated future

Routeco Live returns in April this year, and is your chance to learn more about new products, solutions, and trends that will accelerate your readiness to embrace the automated future. This year, four new locations will host Routeco Live, and this will be the fourth iteration of the successful industrial automation event. 

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Multiprotocol wireless modules simplify IoT product design and certification

Adding a wireless link to a product is not trivial. Before the design phase can even start, designers need to choose a wireless protocol, which can be daunting. For example, several wireless standards operate in the popular, licence-free 2.4GHz spectrum. Multiprotocol wireless modules can be an effective design option.

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Achieving end-to-end network security

Alan Bollard of Westermo explains how utilising a ‘defence in depth’ approach can improve the security of critical data communication networks.

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