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Why vision software should be specifically designed for your automation process

Renowned for having the most sophisticated vision across the animal kingdom, the mantis shrimp possesses a visual system that far surpasses human capabilities. While we may not be able to replicate its vision system directly, understanding its remarkable features can inspire us to push the boundaries of manufacturing vision systems.

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Mercedes-Benz prepares its ‘Digital First’ system using latest NVIDIA platforms

To showcase the vital role of simulation when bringing up new factories, automaker Mercedes-Benz is using digital twins for production, with help from NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for developing Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) applications to design, collaborate, plan and operate manufacturing and assembly facilities.

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Busting the automation myths: Seven reasons to embrace robotics

There is a lingering fear of automation, largely based on myths that are well past time for busting. Here, we counter seven of the most popular misconceptions around robotics, and explain why there’s never been a better time to make the move to automation.

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Robotics helps to navigate market and technology challenges

Speaking to ABB Robotics and Automation, PBSI learns more key trends shaping the future for robotics, including challenges faced by control panel designers/builders.

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Optimising intralogistics with AI

At its production facilities in Barntrup, KEB Automation operates an in-house transport system, AGILOX, which is designed specifically for intralogistics tasks. The company has identified a need for a machine learning solution that is capable of monitoring vehicle status and predicting potential failures.

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