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Panel problem prevention

Once electrical panels are installed, companies can face a number of ongoing issues and challenges, from monitoring and testing, to component failures, and cybersecurity worries. A holistic view of the panel landscape is a prudent way to alleviate these concerns, and to minimise future downtime. 

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Selecting PLCs for hazardous environments

Providing a solution for automation within a hazardous location can be a complex and expensive challenge. A PLC that has intrinsically safe (I.S.) input and output modules can represent a very elegant solution that also can save time, money and space.

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Making the most of your existing fibre networks

Today’s network users want more data capacity and less latency. The best choice is to scale the transmission capacity in the existing optical networks using dark fibre solutions, such as grey transceivers and WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology. 

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New possibilities for RF communications

The continued development of technologies to transmit, receive and condition radio waves at higher frequencies, alongside the licensing of higher frequency bandwidths to accommodate huge increases in data traffic, provides reliable access to high-speed, high-volume data communications.

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Investing in industrial robots: Smart finance

With the UK still lagging behind other G7 countries on its adoption of industrial robots, Neli Ivanova of Siemens Financial Services (SFS) in the UK explores how specialist finance can help to support investment to keep UK manufacturing world-leading.

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