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Why SME suppliers are the driving force of UK growth

Recent world events and an increase in geopolitical uncertainty have resulted in a renewed focus on building, supporting and strengthening of sovereign supply chains. UK businesses want to build robust, and resilient networks of suppliers, particularly in high-tech sectors. 

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Data centres are on the frontline of future motor technology

Cooling is exceptionally important to data centres, given the heat-generating nature of servers. As big data has become the foundation upon which industrial automation providers are building new solutions and services, the increase in data has in turn highlighted the importance of motor technology advances.

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Commercial off-the-shelf motors can decrease time and cost for defence projects

A common expectation for military-spec OEM projects is that each and every component will need to be bespoke-designed and manufactured to meet the strict standard and certifications. 

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The importance of sustainability in motion system development

Market demand is increasing the push towards sustainable development in industry. The efficiencies that the latest automation motion system technology provides are helping innovators to achieve an environmentally-sustainable approach for the future. 

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Build or buy a three-axis motion controller?

Three-axis embedded PCB motion controllers are integral for applications such as robotic arm control. While high volume and specific development needs might drive towards an in-house build, minimising development time and lowering cost for smaller volumes is an advantage of buying in a controller. Comparing these approaches, a hybrid option can also offer the best of both worlds.

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