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Withstanding seismic shocks in Switzerland

For installation within a Government project in Switzerland, a suite of high-performance HEMP (High-altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse) protection filters was manufactured and supplied by MPE. The application presented MPE with some very challenging mechanical requirements.

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Controlling power surges in remote locations

When they are based in remote locations, transformers and other power equipment are vulnerable to harmonics and noise caused by insufficient dampening and exposure to surrounding electrical currents. 

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Circuit breaker solution for solar mining plant is solid gold

A bespoke end-to-end switchgear and circuit breaker solution from ABB Electrification is powering up a new mining plant in West Africa looking to significantly reduce emissions via the use of renewable energy.

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Two types of saving from voltage optimisation

In addition to optimising voltage to deliver proven savings in energy costs, James Goodby, Director at voltage optimisation specialist Powerdown220, explains how avoiding running unnecessary voltage through your equipment also reduces maintenance costs. 

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Data centre power consumption vs sustainability conundrum

The potential of artificial intelligence (AI), and its various applications, to change our lives profoundly is not entirely understood yet. However, one major impact of the technology is already clear – AI applications are escalating power consumption in data centres, at a time when they need to become more sustainable.

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