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Preserving information security at data centres

Governments, armed forces, municipal authorities and companies now share the concern that electrical and electronic equipment, such as computers and peripherals, give off unintended electromagnetic emanations, which can then be reconstructed beyond the building boundary as intelligible data. Countermeasures are aimed at preventing eavesdropping on data radiated as signals via conducting lines such as power, telephone or control line cables.

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Making environmental monitoring easy for data centre IT admins

The server room or data centre is often where control panels are housed, and is the heart of a company. After all, this is where the entire IT infrastructure and the company network are managed. In the event of a failure or malfunction, in the worst-case scenario, the entire operation is paralysed. Such failures can be prevented with holistic monitoring.

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Improving surge protection: ROI with system-specific formulae

How can you optimise surge protection into a panel design so that it will not only have a longer lifespan and better performance, but at a lower cost? By providing formulae specific to the type of electrical system, you will not need to sacrifice any priorities for another, and in turn, equip your panel to have it all.

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Ensuring safety, reliability, and minimal downtime

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a means of transferring power between a primary electrical power source and an alternative source, such as a generator, in the case of power failure. 

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Controlling harmonic issues in VSDs

When it comes to power quality in variable speed drives (VSDs), harmonic issues have no distinct benefit, and lead to lower operating efficiencies and higher energy costs. Steve Hughes, Managing Director of harmonic filter specialist REO UK, explores how engineers can control harmonic issues in VSDs, and how minimising harmonic interference leads to more efficient power consumption and a drop in energy used.

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