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The risks of not testing your diesel generator

For many facilities, reliability and resilience are safeguarded by diesel generators, which ensure continuous power supply when the grid falters. Here, Andrew Keith, Director of load bank manufacturer Power Prove, outlines some of the main risks that arise if generators aren’t regularly tested.

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Look, no wires!

In some scenarios, power cannot be supplied by traditional, cabled and connected means. Added to this, power levels for typical control panel applications may be relatively high. So, as well as power losses, and increased costs, what are the challenges? 

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Outdated battery measurement solutions can impact e-mobility vehicle performance

To fully maximise the potential of low-power e-mobility vehicles, it is crucial to understand these vehicles' battery performance and characteristics. Specifically, you need to understand the battery charge discharge characteristics, battery performance due to various load conditions and electronics used in the system, and, more importantly, aging battery performance.

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Alternator powers DG Set in Black Star power application

Alternators from Nidec Leroy-Somer have been selected by Saudi Diesel Equipment to keep power station operations running in harsh environments at a petrochemicals hub in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

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A new era of autonomous long-haul transportation

As Kodiak Robotics integrates autonomous technology into commercial trucking fleets, challenges to be met include the incorporation of sensors to “see” a truck’s environment, and, not least, an uncompromising power system design that needs to be reliable, efficient, and that has the ability to perform in-system health monitoring. 

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