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Integrating higher-level management software with battery energy storage systems

As the young industrial battery energy storage market develops and matures, and demand rises due to renewable energy adoption and the need for reliable energy grids, the need for commercial-sized battery energy storage systems (BESSs) is likely to increase.

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Planning against electrical downtime

With the potential for power supply problems to paralyse businesses and endanger human lives, it is possible for equipment availability to be planned and financed, as long as operators know their needs, plan for them in good time, and implement them cleverly.

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Modern switches expand Power over Ethernet applications

How are the latest generation of PoE switches enabling power and data-hungry devices to be implemented within challenging industrial applications?

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Considerations when selecting the right load bank

One predicament that could strike fear into any business is a sudden power outage, especially if the back-up system fails to spring into action. Known as the five Ps of success, proper planning really can prevent poor performance. 

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This smells promising

Chemistry, and science more generally, is historically full of incidents of happenchance, where by-products of one process turn out to be unexpectedly and hugely beneficial for another. In these times of austerity, could one such discovery garner extra attention in the industrial energy field?

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