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Space-grade connectors

Sean Fitall, Senior Product Manager at  PEI-Genesis, discusses the special considerations that go into designing space-worthy electrical connectors.

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Making the right connections

Cembre is a leading manufacturer of electrical compression connectors and tooling, cabling accessories and marking systems.

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How to choose appropriate cable glands for your industrial application

One of the most important priorities in the design and manufacture of control panels is ensuring that the system is properly protected against potential hazards. Electronic systems developed for industrial use will often need to operate in extreme environments, which means that the components, parts and assemblies used to put the control panel together need to be able to function safely in these conditions.

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Fibre-optic connectors for the future

Fibre-optic technology plays a major part in industries today, as businesses demand faster, more secure communication systems for their network operations. Therefore, suitable fibre-optic connectors are needed to connect cables together, or to interface electronic devices. 

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Leave the screws behind

Terminal blocks are the most common element found in automated factories. Their wiring operations are typically perceived as tedious and non-value adding, but necessary. This may be true for the insertion of conventional connectors, but push-in solutions can address these shortcomings. 

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