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Powering the transition to electric bus fleets

Electromobility continues to expand across many different aspects of our daily lives. Increasing numbers of individuals now use battery electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles as their main mode of transport, and we are also seeing greater numbers of e-bikes and e-scooters being used in cities as an alternative to conventional bicycles.

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Meeting evolving connectivity challenges

From Industry 4.0 and wireless requirements, to smaller control cabinets and sustainability, how are today’s connector experts managing the latest challenges of evolving connectivity?

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Network performance drives simplified 10 Gigabit migration

Increasing network throughput in industrial and enterprise (OT/IT) environments is critical for supporting today’s bandwidth-intensive applications. What challenges does this present for cable management? 

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Importance of fibre-optic connectors for control panel applications

Fibre-optic connectors play a crucial role in control panel applications, providing reliable and high-speed data transmission for various industrial systems. Choosing the right connectors for control panel applications is essential to ensuring optimal performance, minimising downtime and maintaining overall system efficiency.

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Fast and efficient modular connection solutions improve reliability and safety

Assembling complex modular connectors involves integrating a wide variety of cables and leads, often requiring technical know-how and specialist assembly tools which some companies may not have readily available. 

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