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All-in-one controller brings IoT to compact applications

Omron has released a new CP2E Series all-in-one controller that integrates I/O ports, communication, and axis control needed for machine control, providing advanced control and IoT connectivity also for compact machines.

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Leading the charge

The unreliable charging infrastructure is preventing the EV (electric vehicle) roll out, according to an article in Autocar published this July. This is hardly surprising given the ad hoc manner of the development of the infrastructure and the lack of strategic control in Britain.

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How to eliminate equipment downtime

Cut unplanned downtime by making maintenance predictable with igus smart plastics. Intelligent cables that predict their service life on automated assembly plants, automotive production, heavy robotics, material handling, pick & place, cutting machines and electronics manufacturing.

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What are Linux containers?

Programs used to be made by creating large monolithic scripts, however, a lot has changed in the last two decades. There are now prominent methods in manufacturing applications that use small, self-contained programs in tandem to add extra functionality to hardware. Here Florian Froschermeier, technical sales manager for industrial router manufacturer INSYS, explains what Linux containers are and how manufacturers are using them to transform applications.

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Plug & play condition monitoring system helps prevent unplanned downtime

Even the most reliable machines will eventually fail. The challenge for many companies is whether to keep the machine running until the inevitable suddenly occurs or whether to turn the inevitable into a planned maintenance measure. The operator of a Swedish sawmill found the answer to this question in Schaeffler’s SmartCheck condition monitoring system.

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