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Efficient device connection in healthcare and industry

Miniature connectors of the 770 NCC series from binder have been designed to benefit users in both the industrial and medical device sectors where liquids may be present and hygienic requirements are demanded.

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Print pre-sized labels from your phone

Brady Corporation's new M211 Label Printer is a lightweight, sturdy and wearable device that prints both presized and continuous labels to identify cables and components. It can create even complex labels that can all be designed, printed and previewed from a phone.

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Parker’s new axis control system solution optimises hydraulic controls

Parker Hannifin has launched two components - the Parker Automation Controller PAC120 and the electro-hydraulic controller module PACHC - that together offer an innovative solution for the automation of fast and precise hydraulic processes. 

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Powering the future of warfare: Exploring the requirements of UAS power systems

Due to the recent conflict in the Ukraine, much has been made of the impact of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or “drones”, in the theatre of battle; the involvement of AeroEnvironment’s Switchblade, and the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB-2 have shone a spotlight on the field of weapons which includes General Atomics’ MQ  family of UAS. Unmanned systems have substantially changed the complexion of modern warfare and, as a result, technologies supporting these

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Light at the end of the energy tunnel?

It’s hard to avoid thinking and talking about energy prices at the moment. While consumer champions such as Martin Lewis continue to offer helpful and well-meaning tips on how to save ourselves a few pennies or more on our household bills, a bigger issue remains on the table.

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