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Checklist for an always-on Industrial Internet of Things

The consumer technology revolution which many have dubbed the Internet of Things (IoT) is gathering momentum quickly – more of us than ever before are controlling internet enabled things to switch the heating on before we get home or record our favourite television, for example.

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Connectivity within commercial operations

Building automation represents a serious growth opportunity for panel builders. New technology makes upgrading switchgear a smart move.

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From smart lights to the dark side of home automation

Home automation systems are becoming smarter and more connected with the launch of every new product and platform.

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Put that light out!

New European regulations mandate that within 5-7 years new buildings will be near zero emission. Lighting is a major energy user in commercial and domestic buildings alike, and these regulations have the effect of moving automatic light systems from a ‘nice to have’ feature to a requirement. Sensors to detect occupancy and switches to control lighting in response to their output are essential elements of such systems, and considerable strides have been made in their design.

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Integrating Energy Monitoring and Building Management

Fiscal metering, energy management and building automation have become commonplace features of the everyday panel, driven by the growth in residential apartments and multi-occupancy, multi-use, commercial buildings.

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