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Intesis gateway makes communication between EtherNet/IP and BACnet easy

HMS Networks announces a new Intesis protocol translator that integrates between EtherNet/IP and BACnet IP/MSTP-based Building Management Systems. Thanks to its unique design, it is easy to bring data from a factory network to a BMS.

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Getting to grips with connected products and solutions

Operating in an environmentally-friendly way is becoming ever more prevalent for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and there are corporate, social and commercial demands for buildings to operate more efficiently.

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Remote monitoring – increasing BMS & HVACR efficiency

Remote monitoring is an essential tool to optimise a building’s infrastructure. Integrating a comprehensive remote monitoring strategy for HVACR assets into the management of any facility can increase its efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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What is KNX?

Mark Warburton, Technical Director, Ivory Egg says “As energy costs continue to rise, so has society’s agenda to be more careful in terms of tangible energy use and wastage.

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The significance of usability in tomorrow’s lighting design

Usability is a term that is often up for discussion. The pace of modern life can be difficult to keep up with and the construction landscape is constantly changing to adapt to future ways of life.

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