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Using thin clients in hazardous areas

It's not cheap running an industrial plant, especially one in a hazardous environment, so when things do go wrong it can cripple a business.

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Biometric access control in data centres

In the quest to protect mission-critical business assets and to satisfy government regulations, data centres are often on the leading edge of security measures.

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How to protect micro data centres and individual defined high risk cabinets in data centres or co-location situations

“How secure is secure?” According to the most recent studies, only about 20 percent of data centres are secure, leaving an overwhelming 80 percent at risk.

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Marrying CFD with real-time monitoring

Power and cooling is, for many data centre owners, their biggest operational expenditure (Opex) cost.

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No network is an island

In a nugget of wisdom that has survived for centuries, English poet John Donne famously noted that 'no man is an island.'

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