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HMI SCADA accessable from browser or smart device

atvise scada, available from MAC Solutions, is built on open interface standards such as HTML5, SVG and TCP/IP.

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Precise and efficient inverter chillers

Rittal’s range of Top Therm chillers now has a reduced depth of 605mm, increasing the number of enclosures to which it may be bayed.

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Fieldbus Modules Control 120 Drives in a pallet Conveyor System

PCA Roboter- und Verpackungstechnik, located in Southern Germany, specialise in customised palletising solutions and packaging conveyor systems. The company primariliy serves the food and beverage industry, but also works with other industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumer goods industry

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Resisting the sudden surge: Ethernet protection for exposed data lines

Engineers are being asked to connect absolutely everything to a network. The network protocol of choice is Ethernet or one of the myriad variations.

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Thyristor control enhances pollution-free steam generation

Simple on-off switching was found to be too-brute a force for electrode boilers over 100kW at Collins Walker Limited, the manufacturer of electric steam and hot water boilers. As a result, thyristor manufacturer CD Automation has helped the company to switch from contactors to thyristor control.

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