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Getting to grips with connected products and solutions

Operating in an environmentally-friendly way is becoming ever more prevalent for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and there are corporate, social and commercial demands for buildings to operate more efficiently.

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SPS 2019 preview

Despite the challenging economic climate ahead of the SPS anniversary exhibition, the outlook for the trade show is once again very positive and testifies to the importance of the exhibition for smart and digital automation.

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Remote monitoring – increasing BMS & HVACR efficiency

Remote monitoring is an essential tool to optimise a building’s infrastructure. Integrating a comprehensive remote monitoring strategy for HVACR assets into the management of any facility can increase its efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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Oceans of potential for data centres

Welcome to the October issue of PBSI! This month’s issue includes an article (Eaton – pg.32) discussing the dichotomy between reducing the environmental impact of data centres at a time when an ever-increasing amount of data is being produced.

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Solving the data centre dichotomy

By 2020, there will be 40 times more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe. The question is, are our digital-first lifestyles really creating an environmental villain, or could data centres be the answer to our energy crisis by helping to drive the use of renewables and take pressure off our reliance on carbon-energy?

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