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Takeaways for terminal block solution selection

Designing electrical panels has become increasingly complex and demanding for panel builders. With challenges like decreasing energy consumption and solution size – coupled with increasing productivity – integrating reliable terminal blocks into the panel design is essential. With the right terminal block solution, panel builders can increase the safety and functionality of their panel designs.

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Vital panel considerations for your digital transformation strategy

Panels are often overlooked in grander industrial strategies like digital transformation. However, panels need to be seen in the holistic view of a digital factory; a key part of the factory of the future. It’s not just the panels themselves, it’s the communications protocol that they utilise and the capabilities they bring to the table.

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COVID-19, customer support & a competitive edge

PBSI spoke with Graham Lockhart, Head of Sales at Eastron Europe Limited, about the company’s product offering, business during COVID-19, customer support, and its competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Sourcing control panel components

Fortunately, I love travelling, which is just as well, as six years ago I was asked to source a large volume of low-voltage control and automation products for a major global distribution customer. Every year since then, I've spent a lot of time in India, China, Taiwan, America and the EU at exhibitions and visiting factories to assess manufacturing quality and negotiate volume prices with many manufacturers.

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