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E-paper display for panels

A major advantage of e-paper is that when no display update is required, the display can be powered off yet the display contents remain visible.

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Bring a stop to hazards in an emergency

Occasionally, hazard control and the standard stopping procedure isn’t enough to protect people or surrounding machinery from a malfunction.

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Reliable and robust communications

In times of increasing digitisation of industrial processes, the importance of robust and reliable data communications is becoming more evident.

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Display instrumentation for hazardous environments

BEKA Associates, which is known for its loop powered 4/20mA digital indicators and fieldbus displays, also manufactures an extensive range of powered hazardous and safe area display instrumentation.

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Digitally retrofitting real-time production monitoring

One of the key issues facing today’s manufacturing industry is how to improve the productivity of existing production lines for minimum cost outlay.

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