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EMKA hardware for Power Electronics cabinets developing relationships to combat climate change

A clean and sustainable world for future generations is the vision of Power Electronics and of its hardware partner EMKA.

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Control panel HMIs: Helping to define the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ranging from simple on/off switch panels to an ultra-complex software/hardware-based Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system found at the heart of factory automation, a control panel Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables human beings intuitively to interact with a machine and ensure production efficiency and worker safety. 

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Enclosure customisation for WiFi deployment specialist

Large-scale WiFi network installations across industrial and commercial sites require access points. Extending WiFi signal in outdoor or harsh locations, access point devices demand protection from the elements. 

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Connector solutions to futureproof control panel design

As industrial and manufacturing landscapes continue to evolve following the disruption of the last couple of years, the requirements for components within control panels have become more challenging. 

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Industrial wireless connectors and the factory of the future

Today’s factories demand flexible manufacturing and wireless connectivity. Manufacturers must react quickly to shifting customer needs, customisation, and short product life cycles. They require interchangeable processes and equipment that can be reconfigured, modified, and replaced easily, with maintenance-free connectors that reduce costs and downtime. 

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