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Mitigating outages in critical applications

We currently stand at the beginning of a new chapter for many industries. The impact of the pandemic is likely to be felt for years to come, with our lives and businesses changing forever. Through such change comes a shift in focus – while, in recent decades, we have strived for ever greater efficiency, the next few years will see a shift toward resilience and robustness as companies protect themselves against both seen and foreseen threats.

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Monitoring mission-critical electrical equipment at one of South Africa’s only inland petrol refineries

Commissioned in 1971, the Natref petrol refinery – located in the industrial region of Sasolburg – is one of South Africa’s oldest inland refineries. Historically, engineers at the refinery have had difficulties with monitoring the operations of circuit breakers at the refinery’s substations, leading to increased maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.

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Surge suppression in MV capacitor banks

As the world strives towards lower CO2 emissions and sustainable electricity generation, the number of renewable sources on the network has dramatically increased. This increased amount of renewable generation brings about unique challenges in terms of network stability and power quality.

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How to size surge protection for cost-effective, optimised performance

Panel design is an art. A well-designed panel strikes a balance between form, function, and cost. This can be difficult considering that an attempt to do so is an attempt at achieving the best of those three worlds.

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Electronic circuit breakers – A system approach to circuit protection

The type of circuit breaker that most people are familiar with are miniature circuit breakers (or MCBs). These are mostly used in domestic and commercial applications. Its main function is to protect the wiring and not much consideration is given to the loads on any particular circuit. Each circuit has a maximum current rating and having too many appliances on at any one time will cause them to trip.

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