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The benefits of subscribing to WSCAD electrical design software

WSCAD offers its UK customers a cost-effective subscription model for access to scalable, multi-discipline planning software for electrical engineering projects.

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How manufacturers can navigate the looming labour crisis

To recruit and retain vital talent, manufacturers must adapt or risk becoming obsolete. Just as other industries have embraced new ways of working, so must manufacturing. 

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Keeping cabinet engineering quick and consistent

The control cabinet is the heart of every electrical system. Precise and efficient cabinet design forms the basis of successful engineering, right up until the finished cabinet is commissioned.

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Simply more speed in engineering

The new Platform 2023 software from Eplan streamlines and accelerates project planning, with new cloud-based device management and multi-standard support for schematic macros.

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Protecting your data

The size of the global big data market in the manufacturing industry is estimated to reach 9.11 billion US dollars by 2026. However, the data generated from IoT and supply chains must be stored somewhere, whether that be in the cloud or data centres.

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