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Modernising IT plant infrastructure

Scott Bader was established in 1921 and today is a £227 million-pound global chemical company, employing more than 650 people worldwide.

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What is pushing the development of ‘future-proof’ SCADA?

With the role of SCADA changing within the industry, it pays for plant managers to become familiar with the trends that are shaping the development of next generation SCADA systems.

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CAE: The top ten FAQs

CAE specialist EPLAN is in constant dialogue with its customers, and its trained specialists are always on hand to answer their questions.

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Manufacturing intelligence is the right mix for dairy processor

In an industry where margins are often razor thin, food manufacturers must have access to real-time plant-floor data so they can make adjustments quickly to the production environment.

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Analysing data to enhance performance and reduce expenditure

David Wilkinson, Managed Platform Product Manager at SolutionsPT, explains how thoroughly analysing data can reveal hidden insights, which will allow manufacturers to improve their decision-making and enable the prediction and prevention of disruptive incidents.

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