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Cyber security for energy infrastructure

Power grids are fast becoming digital jungles. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, smart meters and integrated cloud services are bringing new considerations for organisations in relation to hackers, cyber security and data protection.

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Sensor data available globally

Making sensor data and information from different sources available globally and linking both together in a meaningful way is the crux of Industry 4.0.

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The transformational benefits of data

HMI SCADA software has transformed the efficiency of our operators and processes, creating immersive user experiences.

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Digitalisation of the paper checklist

Perhaps one of the few pre-digital hangovers is the handwritten paper checklist. It’s a sight seen in many industries, an employee with clipboard and pen, checking off each step with a well-known ‘x’ or tick. Manufacturing is no exception.

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A winning combination

When power distribution specialist Burnell Switchgear and Control needed help with increasing productivity to cope with its fast-growing order book, the company approached EPLAN for advice.

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