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Electrical engineering really is rocket science

Aerospace technology means engineering for extreme conditions. To launch satellites precisely into space, everything has to be right, and not just on launch day. 

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EPLAN central to Elmleigh Electrical Systems future growth

Having used traditional CAD packages in the past which required time-consuming manual working processes, Elmleigh Electrical Systems Limited, integrator of electrical and mechanical automation systems, made the decision to look for a more suitable CAE software tool which would help it achieve its ambitious growth plans. 

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First Class electrical planning

Frankfurt Airport, Germany's largest international airport and Lufthansa's global hub, is expanding with the assistance of WSCAD's E-CAD software platform. Fraport Aufbau Süd GmbH, responsible for planning the new Terminal 3 including its building automation system, selected the WSCAD SUITE for its speed and flexibility in implementing 150,000 automation functions across the entire 403,000m² structure.

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Five things TSN can accomplish for the IIoT and Industry 4.0

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) has been touted as a means to help Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications achieve higher production efficiency as well as lower maintenance costs. Industry players who have started to utilise TSN technologies have demonstrated to the world that TSN is not just an embryonic idea, but a concrete technology. However, there are questions you should be asking before making TSN investments.

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Collaboration in the ecosystem: What matters

Today’s ecosystem of industrial automation is characterised by many media disruptions during the processing and transfer of documentation. It is essential to resolve these issues within the development process for machines and plant systems – via targeted collaboration among all stakeholders and systems.

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