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Four excuses not to take your enclosure cooling maintenance seriously

There is an adage that time is money, this is particularly true when it comes to production downtime. Hold ups in production could result in lost money – a lot of lost money!

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Rittal’s VX25 Ri4Power panels deliver solution for renewable energy project

Rittal was approached by Powerfish, a Scottish-based panel builder and electrical engineering business, with a brief to design and deliver robust, flexible, and easy-to-install panels for a renewable energy customer.

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Special enclosures require engineered solutions

What classes a certain enclosure as special? The ability to reduce production and assembly times? To deal directly with issues that conventional enclosures cannot tackle? Or maybe the enclosure is completely bespoke and fabricated, tackling a direct application.

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Enclosure lighting: The benefits of LEDs

Why light an enclosure? A more appropriate question is: why wouldn’t you? It is a simple safety measure; fumbling around in a dark enclosure cabinet where high voltages could be present is risky, to say the least. It’s best practice to keep the enclosure visible and clear – good lighting is essential to ensure optimal inspection and safe control conditions.

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Back to basics: IP67 vs IP68

This article looks at the difference between IP67 vs IP68 and how they are becoming more important for electrical items and for electrical safety.

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