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Slimline cabinet locking hardware for large control cabinets

EMKA understands that the basic rule for all control cabinets is that the components inside, especially the sensitive electronic components, must be protected. However, there are significant differences, especially in the locking systems used. 

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Specifying industrial and commercial electrical enclosures

Selecting electrical enclosures is an integral part of control panel design, and takes account of the components it must house, the environment those components need, the external environment the panel is located in, and the life of the panel. Equally important, and often overlooked, are flexibility, efficiency, maintenance and appearance. 

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Customised enclosures enable effective crack monitoring for domestic properties

The customisation of heavy-duty all-weather industrial enclosures has enabled a crack monitoring device manufacturer to expand its service from infrastructure projects to the domestic property market.  

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Small enclosure protection levels

Small electronic systems are increasingly being installed in the factory environment as part of distributed control and monitoring equipment. In addition to providing containment, the enclosure will normally be required to provide a secure environment for the housed electronics or systems.

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Automation engineering in harsh environments

Even with a robust enclosure, renewable energy systems must be able to withstand variations in temperature, air quality, and potentially operate either at high altitudes or at the bottom of the ocean under extreme pressure.

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