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Enclosure customisation for WiFi deployment specialist

Large-scale WiFi network installations across industrial and commercial sites require access points. Extending WiFi signal in outdoor or harsh locations, access point devices demand protection from the elements. 

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Enclosure cooling in hazardous locations

Combustible vapours, liquids, gases, or flammable dusts are often present in industrial applications. While safe in small amounts, these materials become a hazard when they exist in abundance, wreaking havoc, causing damage to equipment and property, harming employees, and hurting profits.

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Fast enclosure customisation speeds up utility company’s security project

A UK electricity utility company has been provided with 100 customised enclosures within two weeks of order. Industrial enclosure manufacturer, Spelsberg, was able to provide a customised sample within an hour of request to Avanti Lighting, which had been contracted by the utility company to develop a weather-proof CCTV bracket and enclosure mounting system.

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DCiB provides sustainability and data solution for Oxford University’s GLAM Division

Oxford University's Gardens, Libraries and Museums division (GLAM) holds over 21 million objects, specimens and printed items, constituting one of the largest and most significant collections in the world.  

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Custom enclosures for electronics enhance safety

The team at FDB Panel Fittings has noticed that, in the past thirty years or so, electronic devices have almost completely replaced electrical controls and yet the type and style of housing have remained remarkably constant through that time. From small boxes, desktop cases, and wall-mounted enclosures to complete suites of cabinets primarily in steel and stainless steel they have all required locks, hinges, fasteners, gaskets. 

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