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Fighter jet ‘factory of the future’

BAE Systems engineers will soon benefit from collaborative robots designed to support complex manufacturing of combat aircraft by the end of this year.

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The cap fits… but is it the right one?

Ensuring the right product leaves the factory in the right packaging is important for any manufacturer, but for some industries it is more than just important – it could be business critical.

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Protecting your control systems

In the UK, many manufacturers still run legacy systems which are susceptible to ransomware cyber security attacks, such as the high-profile WannaCry epidemic which impacted businesses in more than 150 countries in 2017.

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Switching to PROFINET made easy

In modern production networks, machines and plants need to be connected to one another. Processes can be aligned down to the smallest detail to allow for high automation levels and short lead times.

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The new approach to SCADA

Tobias Antius, CEO of industrial control and automation specialist Novotek, explains why SCADA systems need to develop to meet the needs of the connected plant.

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