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Robots and manufacturing concepts are going mobile

We’re all very familiar with the concept of industrial robots and the benefits they bring to our manufacturing processes. Over the years, we have seen the technology improve in many ways, with increased payloads, greater speeds, better accuracy and repeatability, more intuitive and user-friendly programming methods, and the ability to interface with other technologies, such as vision systems.

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An introduction to feedback devices for VFD and servo applications

One issue that often arises when designing closed-loop applications is which type of feedback to use on the motors. In this article, Jeff Kardell of KEB America describes the different types of feedback devices in variable frequency drives (VFDs) and servo applications, as well as some typical examples of where they can be utilised.

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Five advantages of 5G in IIoT applications

The term '5G', like its predecessors, is a term simply used to describe a set of common standards and technologies in the cellular world. Where most of us have been using 3G and 4G for several years in a commercial environment, through phones and tablets, it's the Industrial IoT space that will perhaps benefit the most from the step up in cellular technology that 5G will bring, as IIoT devices become more complex and more prevalent in industrial applications.

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Unidrive keeps Singapore Dolphin Fountain flowing

Sentosa is an island resort off Singapore’s southern coast, home to Sentosa Cove, the first and only oceanfront residence in Singapore. Comprising more than 2,000 oceanfront villas, waterway bungalows, hillside mansions and upscale condominiums, Sentosa Cove is home to a unique installation, known as the Dolphin Fountain.

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