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UK’s first integrator certification scheme

The British Automation & Robot Association (BARA) has announced the UK’s first robot integrator certification scheme.

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New converter series optimised for infrastructure applications

Siemens has launched the Sinamics G120X series, a brand new converter series optimised for use in pump, fan and HVAC applications in infrastructure markets and industries such as for building control and for water/wastewater environments.

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Marine contamination team keeps fleet efficient

An organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife, economic and environmental sensitivities along the coast of British Columbia, Canada has made three of its new vessels more efficient thanks to Invertek Drives’ variable frequency drive (VFD) technology.

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Should a robot be taxed?

An article this week written by Stephen Hayes from Beckhoff Automation ( raised some interesting questions about the future of automation and robotics. One particular point Stephen raises is the idea of a robot tax.

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Have PLCs reached the end of the line?

The traditional Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) has dominated the global control landscape across food and beverage plants for the last twenty years from process to materials handling and packaging.

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