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Specification of high performance Electrical Protection Systems

Electrical protection comes in many forms from fairly standard RCD/RCBO panels and earth line monitoring equipment used for upgrade and maintenance in the industrial/commercial sphere, through to high end Rail and MOD situations where we have gained the necessary approvals through long-term experience and technology.

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Never underestimate electrical protection

Proper electrical protection is the key to safely removing the effects of dangerous overcurrent due to short circuit, overloads and voltage transients from switching surges and other abnormal conditions.

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Corrosion resistant design of power supplies

Corrosive gases such as sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxide accelerate the ageing of electronics and lead to corrosion, especially in the case of metallic materials in combination with atmospheric humidity.

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Cover story: Solar PV and battery storage: the perfect fit?

Battery storage and metering are being used to smooth out the challenges with solar energy and provide a means to further reduce the cost and reliance on traditional and expensive energy sources.

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Harmonic filter is a diamond in the rough

CP Automation has helped mitigate harmful harmonics onboard the prestigious Debmar Pacific diamond mining vessel.

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