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How to protect your electrical devices

Due to the constantly growing number of electronic devices in the household, surge protection is becoming increasingly important.

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Surge protection in the 18th edition

Although the new edition is not out until 1st January 2019 we already have some indication of the changes to be expected within sections 443 and 534, but these may be subject to change in the final review stages.

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What’s driving EMC in EV-Charging?

It’s not just plugging a connector in to your car and letting it charge.

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The advancing world of power products

The landscape of the electrical power products market has transformed considerably over the past number of years and is, in fact, ever changing.

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Dual fusing in power supplies – when is it not allowed?

Many AC-DC electronic power supplies are now certified to meet the ITE (Information Technology Equipment) IEC 60950-1 standard and also the medical IEC 60601-1 standard. These supplies often have two internal fuses, one in the Line and one in the Neutral connection.

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