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A power supply design for all staging posts on the road to EVs

EV automotive designers are looking for effective components which contribute to efficient and extended vehicle range as well as reliable charging stations for a supporting infrastructure.

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Seamless switching for uninterrupted power

Switching between a primary source of power, usually the grid, to a secondary source (in many cases, generators), has become a crucial preventative measure, in order to avoid major disruptions or even complete loss of life. 

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Smart industry will require smart power!

Because power supplies are a core component within any electronics application, the power industry often has to develop power solutions years before certain applications reach the market. 

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Five fundamentals for a long life

What can a user do to increase the overall lifetime of a power supply? Here are five practical suggestions that positively affect the power supply and benefit its peripheral components' reliability and service life.

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Specifying the right surge protective device

Downtime caused by surge events is common. All 75 maintenance and facility managers surveyed in 2013 by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) said they have experienced operational downtime caused by a surge event.

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