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The advancing world of power products

The landscape of the electrical power products market has transformed considerably over the past number of years and is, in fact, ever changing.

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Dual fusing in power supplies – when is it not allowed?

Many AC-DC electronic power supplies are now certified to meet the ITE (Information Technology Equipment) IEC 60950-1 standard and also the medical IEC 60601-1 standard. These supplies often have two internal fuses, one in the Line and one in the Neutral connection.

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Perfecting power

When you need a 24 V DC power source for an industrial control system, it’s easy to think that almost any standard power supply will do the job.

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Changing standards for DNOs

Increasing demand for renewable energy, along with the requirement for stable grid/utility networks, is driving major changes within the power industries across GB, Europe and the USA – and the changes are imminent.

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Boosting data centre PUE with UPS efficiency

A look at the significance of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) for data centres and how modern, efficient UPS design can contribute to this metric.

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