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Top three safety hazards to avoid for PV solar installations

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing markets in the world – in the UK, solar commissioning and installations have doubled within the last year and are expected to double again by 2030. To keep technicians safe, there are three main electrical hazards to avoid when installing and maintaining PV solar installations.

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The UK needs to adopt centralised EV charging infrastructure to reach net zero goals

Despite the proposed £1.6bn funding from the UK Government for more EV charging points, many people question whether electrification of our roads is enough to allow us to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Here, Craig Burgess, Head of Proprietary Products at PEI-Genesis, discusses why the UK should adopt the centralised EV charging infrastructure that is helping Scandinavian countries lead the EV revolution.

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Russelectric Emergency Power System offers redundant PLC controls and manual backup

With redundant programmable logic controller (PLC) controls and manual backup capability, Russelectric’s parallelling switchgear Emergency Power System provides backup power during a utility power loss.

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Power quality in remote locations

When they are based in remote locations, transformers and other power equipment are vulnerable to harmonics and noise caused by insufficient dampening and exposure to surrounding electrical currents. 

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How green is green?

Consumer guilt seems to be something that creeps up on some people, possibly in line with advancing years. The biggest current guilt is the number of short journeys taken in a not particularly economical vehicle.

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