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Interoperability: The rise of Single Pair Ethernet in IIoT

Traditionally, the networking architectures used within the industrial domain have been many and varied. With its established enterprise IT roots, Ethernet was always going to be the backbone network of choice to link the worlds of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) together.

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High-density microwave interconnects for quantum computers

With the increasing interest in quantum computing and the development of large-scale high qubit machines, there’s a requirement for an increasing number of microwave cables necessary for control and readout lines to the quantum processor. 

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Electrical installation cost eaters: A system-oriented viewpoint

Even in the early stages of the engineering process, there are hidden costs in electrical installations. They can be eliminated by choosing system-oriented concepts that utilise decentralised automation technology. 

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The benefits of modular connectivity

Developing a robust approach to panel design and system development means finding cables and connectors that deliver the right combination of functionality, flexibility, compatibility and ease of use. Because control panels sit at the heart of a system, it is particularly important to find this balance when it comes to panel installation and design.

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Push-in termination technology: A time and cost-saving development for panel and machine builders

Over recent years, wire termination technology has slowly migrated away from the traditional screw terminal and moved towards “screwless” terminations. This was first seen on the simple DIN rail terminal, and then on other hardware, such as PLCs, Relay Sockets, and more.

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