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Understanding the MIL-STD-1553B bus

Despite being over 50 years old, the MIL-STD-1553B bus is still widely used, which is probably because it is really good at its job. If you're new to the standard, read on to learn more about its features, the terminology used and how to get the most out of the protocol.

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Cables are adapting and transforming the manufacturing industry

In a wireless age, the use of cables may be losing its function in some industries, however for others, the role they play is as important as ever. In the case of manufacturing, as technology becomes increasingly integrated so does the prominence of cables.

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Wiring processing – overnight

Automation is a hot topic in panel building and switchgear manufacturing. Ripploh Elektrotechnik und Engineering is one example of a German company whose experience with automation epitomises just what is possible, notably with wiring and robot-assisted wiring.

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Choosing the right Ethernet switch for rugged embedded computers

Whether used for on-board entertainment on trains or video feed transmission from military drones, connectivity is becoming an important factor in non-commercial applications. As more embedded systems adopt networked architectures, Ethernet switches play an increasingly crucial role.

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Choosing the right extreme temperature connector, the first time

When designing industrial equipment, the operating temperature of the product is often at the top of the list for design engineers. This makes sense – after all, you don’t want to keep replacing failed equipment. However, while engineers give a lot of thought to heat in the equipment itself, the performance of the connectors and cables that join different devices is often overlooked.

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