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Counterfeit components – let the buyer beware

To quote Colton: “Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery.” It seems these days that no matter what product you’re buying, if it’s too cheap, then it’s likely to be fake.

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A new benchmark in cable compliance

What does the BSI Kitemark mean to you? To most UK adults, they see the Kitemark as a benchmark of quality and safety; and that as the holder of a BSI Kitemark it sets you apart as a reputable and reliable company.

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Tidy, efficient panel cabling made easy

Panel builders and electricians need to create tidier, more efficient organisation of wiring.

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Steel cable drag chains offer a robust alternative to plastic

Cable drag chains, sometimes referred to as cable chains, cable carriers, energy chains or cable track, are essential for the management and protection of moving cables in a multitude of applications.

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How to manage cables in moving lighting, sound or set applications

Moving lighting, sound or set almost always require cables for power, data and signals.

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