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Back to basics: IP67 vs IP68

This article looks at the difference between IP67 vs IP68 and how they are becoming more important for electrical items and for electrical safety.

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How to size surge protection for cost-effective, optimised performance

Panel design is an art. A well-designed panel strikes a balance between form, function, and cost. This can be difficult considering that an attempt to do so is an attempt at achieving the best of those three worlds.

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Rittal's manufacturing systems reduce time & costs for control panel manufacturing

Electrical control manufacturers are currently being placed under considerable pressure. Projects are becoming more complex, the trading environment is extremely competitive, and customers naturally want to keep their costs to a minimum.

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Cables are adapting and transforming the manufacturing industry

In a wireless age, the use of cables may be losing its function in some industries, however for others, the role they play is as important as ever. In the case of manufacturing, as technology becomes increasingly integrated so does the prominence of cables.

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2021 – opportunity is the keyword

Here, Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at EU Automation, offers an overview of three sectors where the difficulties of 2020 have originated new opportunities for 2021.

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