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Automation controllers and IoT connectivity

Today’s automation systems are expected to deliver an increasing amount of data about every aspect of their operation and performance. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides, in principle, an attractive way of meeting these requirements, but how can IoT concepts be implemented easily, reliably and cost-effectively in the real world?

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The hypothesis of SPE, RJ45, and the open need for clarification of mating faces

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) was developed for one reason only. It was meant to close the last big gap in a TCP/IP oriented network world – the gap between classic IT and sensor technology, which is becoming more important.

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The taming of the screw

Clive Humphrey, Product Manager - Interconnection from WAGO, highlights why Panel Builders and OEMs should consider screwless cage technology terminal blocks to save time, cost and increase reliability, allowing them to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and the evolving Industrial Internet of Things.

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Keep your cool & avoid expensive business disruption

The phrase “up-time” is an oft-repeated phrase for IT professionals, reflecting the fact that a key measure of their success is service availability. Modern climate control systems support “up-time” but, to understand why, you first need to consider the impact of poor climate control to decide which equipment to employ to take an installation to the next level.

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A revolution in the world of industrial communication

You may have not yet heard of Single Pair Ethernet, or SPE for short, however, the new industrial data transmission system is already on its way to becoming a megatrend in the industry.

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