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Smart Factory cubes use CombiTac connectors to create modular production lines

CombiTac connectors are playing an important part in the innovative Smart Cubes project from the Korea Smart Factory Association (KOSF). The modular CombiTac connectors from Stäubli are being used to link the Smart Cubes together so that they form a customised production line.

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Rittal’s infrastructure protects compact IT Data Centre within industrial unit

Marshall Tufflex is a manufacturing company, based in East Sussex, that produces PVC trunking, cable trays and a range of other products for the construction industry.

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Robot stacks sandwiches in 800 milliseconds – food for thought

Although simple automation can give some manufacturers the boost needed to increase production and product consistency, more complex applications often require intelligent, flexible robotic solutions that can adapt to variable products and picking locations.

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Common types of cables used in medical devices

The medical field is one of the industries that is benefiting the most from the tech boom and every year there is new technology being developed to help people and save lives. This article will break down some of the common cable and wire types that can be found in most current medical technology.

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Electrical panel monitoring and inspection

When electrical connections and components break down unexpectedly, a lot can go wrong. In this article, FLIR explains how maintenance professionals can prevent production loss and unplanned downtime when this occurs.

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