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How do you protect a nation of lone workers?

For the immediate future, home working as we know it is here to stay for the vast majority of employees. But faced with a nation of lone workers, how must employers adapt to safeguard their employees adequately? Chris Potts, Marketing Director, ANT Telecom, explains.

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Training a new breed for the digitally transformed workplace

Digital transformation is very important to us. In fact, it means the world to us. Helping our customers achieve digital transformation success is a core focus for us, and we do this by sharing our knowledge freely and by offering technologies and services from world-class vendors. We recognise that change is happening throughout industry, and we understand that all of our customers are undertaking their own transformation journey.

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Hydrosense protects new Dublin Airport control tower

Vimpex's Hydrosense water leak detection system has been installed in Dublin Airport’s new Visual Control Tower (VCT) to protect the new state-of-the-art facility from water ingress, which could seriously damage electrical, communication and computer networks.

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Takeaways for terminal block solution selection

Designing electrical panels has become increasingly complex and demanding for panel builders. With challenges like decreasing energy consumption and solution size – coupled with increasing productivity – integrating reliable terminal blocks into the panel design is essential. With the right terminal block solution, panel builders can increase the safety and functionality of their panel designs.

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Quick-release couplings: An ideal solution for supercomputers and data centres

Supercomputers and data centres operate very much behind the scenes, yet they play an important role in many aspects of our lives. They are used to perform complex scientific or engineering calculations, predict weather patterns and climate change, and even model the spread of viruses and pandemics.

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