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Could automation be the answer to the Great Resignation?

Regardless of location, if you are a manager in manufacturing, you will have seen the increasingly staggering data about the so-called Great Resignation, a phenomenon where employees voluntarily decide to quit their jobs. Neil Ballinger, Head of EMEA at EU Automation, explores how automation can help manufacturing businesses cope as staff retention rates fall.

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Electrifying innovation in motor manufacturing with Mitsubishi Electric’s robot solutions

Integrating Mitsubishi Electric’s robotic solutions, Horizon Instruments and the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), part of the University of Warwick, have created the first automated solution which combines two key operations in rotor assembly.

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SI expertise for environmental tech digital transformation

The environmental sector is undergoing a digital transformation, and change is affecting organisations in the waste collection and recycling sector. To overcome a systems integration (SI) challenge in this sector, AMCS sought the help of Solid State Supplies.

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Control Panel HMIs: Helping to define the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ranging from simple on/off switch panels to an ultra-complex software/hardware-based Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system found at the heart of factory automation, a control panel Human Machine Interface (HMI) enables human beings to intuitively interact with a machine and ensure production efficiency and worker safety. 

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Enclosure customisation for WiFi deployment specialist

Large-scale WiFi network installations across industrial and commercial sites require access points. Extending WiFi signal in outdoor or harsh locations, access point devices demand protection from the elements. 

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